Executive VIP Cabin Attendant Course is designed for those who have some Cabin Crew experience and want to expand their qualifications and skills. Working on board a BusinessJet involves providing a very high standard of service. During the three-day course, you will learn about how to provide that VIP service and some of the specifics and secrets of working with the most demanding VIP clients, diplomatic protocol rules, and civil aviation safety procedure. We will tell you about the current job market and prepare you for the recruitment process. In addition, you will receive a certified first aid course.

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  • required good knowledge of English
  • cost of the course is 750 EUR gross


Training curriculum:

DAY 1 - Introduction and Safety

  • introduction to corporate / business aviation
  • types and configuration of business jets
  • duties before, during and after flight
  • required skills and personal preference
  • presentation of few companies, working conditions, career development
  • working environment on board the aircraft
  • introduction to Standard Operating Procedures
  • elements of crew cooperation and CRM
  • familiarization to safety procedures in Civil Aviation
  • emergency procedures
  • certified first aid training (use of AED)

DAY 2 - Catering Menu

  • business aviation catering guidelines
  • in-flight food safety and hygiene - passengers' wellbeing and safety
  • food transportation and storage
  • catering companies offers
  • catering in 'difficult' destinations
  • special food requirements: halal, kosher
  • catering for short and long flights
  • low budget menu ideas

DAY 3 - The VIP Service

  • diplomatic protocol
  • cabin attendant: philosophy, attitude, appearance, confidence
  • service excellence and soft skills
  • exceptional in-flight service
  • personalised service
  • client profile: business passengers' demanding tastes and requirements
  • the art of table setting
  • garnishing plates / serving food attractively (lunch break)
  • in-flight silver service and attention to detail
  • introduction to champagne, wines and spirits
  • wine serving and presentation
  • top shelf liquor

Bank transfer data:
Boleslawska Wenta Investments sp.j.
Jana Nowaka Jezioranskiego 12/63, 03-984 Warsaw, Poland
IBAN: PL73 1050 1445 1000 0091 3110 8087
amount: 750 EUR
subject: Training (Name and Surname)


    Terms of the course:
  • The course is conducted by the company BolesÅ‚awska Wenta Investments sp.j. the owner of the trade name SKY4JET entered into the National Court Register under No. 0000423750 with its registered office in Warsaw, Jana Nowaka Jezioranskiego Street 12/63, REGON 221671884.
  • The course will be carried out in accordance with the schedule training, in which the course organizer reserves the right to make changes. The course participant will be informed on any of the changes beforehand.
  • No (neither partial nor full) absence from the course constitutes a reason for the price reduction of the course.
  • SKY4JET will issue individual name certificates of completion of the course in the aforementioned scope to each participant.
  • The fee for the course is set at the gross amount of 750 EUR. The entire course fee will be paid by each participant of the course by bank transfer to the bank account before the course starts.
  • In the absence of payment of the fee SKY4JET does not guarantee a seat for the course.
  • Absence from classes results in failure to issue a certificate of completion of the course.